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Forcapil Hair & Nails Intensive Program is a clinically tested formula which has a triple action proven to reduce hair loss, strengthen hair and nails and increase hair volume.
In a study of 40 volunteers (2008), the tests showed that hair loss was reduced in 93% of users, nail strength increased in 63% of users and hair volume increased in 100% of users.
Artificial heating during winter causes hair to become brittle, lifeless and prone to increased fall out. Other contributing factors include food imbalances, hormonal or vitamin deficiencies, convalescence or stress.
Supplementation provides a real regenerative treatment for hair and nails – just 2 capsules of FORCAPIL® daily for 3 months will help restore strength, beauty and vitality to hair and nails.
Forcapil for hair and nails, combines a B vitamin complex (B5, B6, B8, B9), with vitamin D3, minerals and amino acids, such as Cystine and Methionine, which are constituents of the hair that promote growth, health and vitality.


Take two capsules in the morning for two to four months.
Swallow the capsules with a full glass of water during breakfast.

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