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Arkopharma Arkocaps Pineapple is a food supplement with pineapple. Pineapple contributes to reduce the excess of localized fat responsible for “Orange Peel” feeling on your skin.

The active ingredient (pineapple stem) is a highly effective weapon against overweight associated with fluid retention or cellulite. Breaking down the proteins ‘support’ tissue with cellulite, helping detoxification, mobilization and removal of fatty items from their warehouses. On the other hand, thanks to the anti-inflammatory activity of the bromelain commonly used to absorb the localized swelling, which are in storage of fat in the fractures, the strains, the dislocations, etc. .. The end bromelain prevents increase insulin in the blood caused by the consumption of products containing sugars direct combustion (pastes, etc. ..), and storing them in the form of fat.

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme mixture derived from the stem, fruit, and juice of the pineapple plant. Note that bromelain has various effects on body’s functions. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make it an effective treatment for the pain, soft-tissue swelling, and joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.



Take 3 capsules of Arkopharma Arkocaps Pineapple per day between the meals with a large glass of water.

This food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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