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Clarinol® XS is a new natural method for weight management that has been shown to help reshape bodies by reducing body fat and building lean muscle mass.
Clarinol® XS is an innovative combination of two high-quality ingredients:
• CLA (Clarinol)
• L-Carnitine (Carnipure)

L-Carnitine turns fat into energy and helps in increasing muscle mass L-Carnitine is a natural nutrient also used to be known as vitamin BT.
It is a physiological substance, essential for energy production and for fat metabolism. Due to its fundamental role in energy metabolism, L-Carnitine is typically used by the body to support functions that have a high energy demand.

In this sense, L-Carnitine plays an essential role in the body for:
• producing energy from fat
• ensuring athletic endurance
• promoting recovery after exercise
• providing the heart and immune cells with energy
• preventing early onset of fatigue during exercise.

The safety of Clarinol® XS was proven in many clinical studies. Close monitoring of blood parameters and insulin sensitivity showed that neither was adversely affected. With this new confirmation of Clarinol® XS body-shaping capabilities, it is clearer than ever that this unique product can safely and effectively play a role unequalled by any other product in the market today in helping people achieve their health, appearance and wellness goals.


In general, the benefits of Clarinol® XS can be summarized as:

Anti yo-yo effect: Clarinol® XS has been proven to help overweight people gain lean muscle mass instead of fat. This breaks the never ending dreaded yo-yo effect.

Prevents fat deposition & decreases total number of fat cells: Clarinol® XS is designed to prevent fat deposition and storage. It reduces the activity of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that is needed for fat cells to take up fats from blood stream. Thus, the total number of fat cells is decreased and remain immature. What you get is a shapely body without bulging fat.

Increases lean body mass, and improves body composition: Clarinol® XS is able to improve body composition by improving the ratio of lean body mass to fat mass. Lean body mass, which acts as “burner” in our body will continue to burn fat throughout the day even at a resting stage.

Positive results on Waist and Hips: Clarinol® XS not only easily helps reduce body fat, but it does so in specific areas of the body where fat loss is most desired without extra dieting or exercise efforts. The results of a recent six-month clinical trial now show that the reduction in fat mass primarily occurs in the places that improve overall body shape and health most: the abdomen and – particularly in women – the legs.

Increases fat burning: Clarinol® XS also contains L-Carnitine which is a natural amino acid that can transport fat into the mitochondria of the cell where it can be burned off as energy.


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