Caudalie Beauty Elixir 100ml


Caudalie Beauty Elixir has a unique and invigorating formula that smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance.

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Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Inspired by the Youth Elixir of the Queen of Hungary in the 16th century, the Beauty Elixir has a unique and invigorating formula.
Further, it is of 100% natural-origin ingredients and bursting with powerful plant extracts. Also, this product reveals an instant radiance boost for the complexion, whilst tightening the pores and smoothing fine lines and make-up creases.

Additionally, it is famously used as a make-up setting spray backstage at fashion shows. Moreover, this priming mist is used under or over your complete make-up look. Hence, enhancing its longevity and reviving tired and dull-looking skin.
Terefore, this revitalising mist gives you an immediate radiance boost.
In fact, the aromatic fragrance is both uplifting and calming for the mind and the senses.

Benefits :
Smoothes fine lines and creases
Tightens pores
Sets make-up
Gives a burst of radiance
Formula :100% ingredients of natural origin.

How to use:

First, hake before use. Close your eyes and spritz Caudalie Beauty Elixir onto your face and décolleté, taking a moment to breath in the scent before opening your eyes.

Discover the many ways to use Beauty Elixir:
– As a toner in the morning.
– After applying your foundation as a make-up setting spray
– Throughout the day to tighten pores and give dull and tired complexions a boost of radiance.
– After make-up removal in the evening to purify the skin
– Spritzed onto the neckline or nape of the neck, it soothes the senses and instantly refreshes.
– At the office it keeps stress at bay.
– After a workout to refresh, hydrate and smooth facial features.
– Use as a room spray for a delicate and relaxing scent
– Kept in the fridge during summer, it acts as a refreshing and cooling mist.
– For men, use as soothing mist after shaving.

Make-up artist tips:
– Spritz your skin with Beauty Elixir after applying your foundation and before your powder to perfectly set your make-up.
– Sprayed onto a make-up sponge or brush, it helps ensure an even and dewy finish.

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