Batiste Blonde Colour Dry Shampoo 200ml


  • With chamomile extract and long lasting color.
  • Gives you clean-feeling hair whenever you want it.
  • Refreshes hair without drying out.
  • Instantly transforms your look with few quick bursts.
  • Hair will look clean and fresh without water use.
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Batiste Blonde Dry Shampoo with cacao extract helps disguise pesky root regrowth and covering any stray greys. It also gives you clean-feeling hair whenever you want. It refreshes hair without drying out and instantly transforms your look with few quick bursts.

Batiste Blonde Dry Shampoo will make your hair look clean and fresh and no water required ! It’s the perfect way to extend your blow dry, free up time in the morning or give your hair a new lease of life whenever, wherever it needs it.

In addition, a burst from this product removes oil effectively leaving hair looking clean for you to feel fabulous and refreshed. With a hint of fresh coconut fragrance, seize the day and sparkle by night. Moreover, it gives your hair a new lease of life with added body and texture between washes whenever wanted.


  • With chamomile extract means color blends seamlessly with hair.
  • Waterless formula absorbs dirt and grease to revitalize dull and lifeless hair
  • Removes oils for added texture and volume


-Shake for few seconds before use
-Section hair and spray towards your roots (from 30cm to be exact)
-Tumble around with your fingertips and add a little head massage to ensure that roots are recovered
-Brush lightly to remove excess residue

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