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Avene XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Cream 200 ml


  • Nourishing and lipid replenishing cream
  • Soothes itching sensations caused by skin dryness
  • Rich, velvety, non-greasy texture
  • Seals in moisture and restores the skin barrier
  • Physiological pH allows gentle moisturizing
  • For dry skin and suits all family members
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Avene XeraCalm Replenishing Cream acts as moisturizer as well as minimizing skin’s hyper-reactivity. It soothes redness and irritations and also reduces itching sensation. In addition, it helps maintain skin’s natural microbiome for healthy skin environment while repairing and strengthening the protective film. Moreover, Avene XeraCalm Replenishing Cream helps restore the skin’s barrier function and ensures skin comfort and calmness.


-For dry skin of infants, children and adults
-Suitable for skin prone to atopic dermatitis, itching and irritations
-Formulated to minimize the the risks of allergic reactions

Ingredients and benefits:

-Patented I-Modulia a powerful complex derived from Avène Thermal Spring Water. It soothes and calms itching sensations while helping to support the skin’s defense system
-Cer-Omega derived from evening primrose and rich in omega-6 and ceramides. Not only provides exceptional hydration but also helps restore the skin’s epidermal barrier.
-Avène Thermal Spring Water ensures tolerance and provides soothing, softening and calming properties


Apply once or twice a day to the dry areas of the face and/or body, after cleansing with XeraCalm A.D Lipid-replenishing cleansing oil. After use, remove all excess product and close bottle.

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