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Avene Couvrance High Tolerance Mascara Black 7ml


Avene Couvrance High Tolerance Mascara is an eyelashes care, especially suitable for eyelids and more sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. With a long-lasting formula, it intensifies, lengthens and gives volume to the lashes.
Easily removable without irritating the skin. No perfume. No parabens.

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Avene Couvrance High Tolerance Mascara Black with specific formula. It truly intensifies, separates and reshapes the lashes, even the smallest ones. In addition it allows a good holding and an easy and rapid make-up removal. Moreover, Avene Couvrance Black Mascara has an anti-clumping wand.

Avene Couvrance Black Mascara free from paraben, and fragrance. Also it is ideal for sensitive eyes and eyelids. As well, it is hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.

How to use:

Apply the mascara from the root to the ends of the lashes.

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