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Avene Couvrance Concealer Stick Yellow SPF20


Unlimited use on sensitive skin with imperfections. Naturally conceals excess blue-toned flaws, thanks to its intense covering power.

Stands up to water, smudging, and perspiration. Anti-UV protection SPF20

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Couvrance Concealer Stick Yellow is a correcting stick that neutralizes Blue-Toned flaws, and corrects the most severe skin imperfections. Especially indicated for  bluish imperfections of the face, dark rings, varicosis, post-surgery bruises

Most importantly, its high correction power effectively and naturally disguises skin imperfections. In  addition to a long-lasting effect, it is resistant to water and perspiration. Also, it provides an SPF20 UV protection.

Without perfume and without preservatives. Hypoallergenic. Not comedogenic.


Dark rings, varicosis, post-surgery bruises. Sensitive skins, also suitable for body blemishes.

How to use:

Firstly, apply Couvrance Concealer Stick Yellow by small touches and fade with the finger, then apply the foundation (cream, compact powder, powder).

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