Alphakeptol Shampoo DS 200ml


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Alphakeptol DS Severe Dandruff States 200ml is recommended for hard types of dandruff and itchy scalp.

Thanks to a synergy of 4 active agents in the formula, it is the major treatment of the recurrent cases of dandruff for both greasy and dry scalp, whether or not accompanied by itching.

– Zinc pyruthion and piroctone olamine, powerful active agents, inhibit the proliferation of yeasts and other germs present on the skin and scalp.

– Salicyclic acid controls the formation of dandruff, cleanses the scalp and soothes itching.

– Glycolic Acid with an exfoliating effect accompanied by a gentle regulation of cell renewal, improves the cutaneous state of imbalanced scalps.

An improvement in dandruff and the soothing of itching are noticeable rapidly after several weeks of use. The hair remains sliky and shining.

How to use:

Alphakeptol should be used constantly and continuously to guarantee good results: 2 to 3 times till the lasting improvement of the state of dandruff crises.
For the best results, apply the equivalent of a soup spoon of shampoo and leave for several minutes.
In between applications, use a gentle shampoo.
Rinse it off.