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Conception Aiding Gel

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Actisperm is vaginal gel specially designed for the effective lubrication of the vagina during sexual intercourse in a planned effort to conceive, which helps preserve the vitality of the sperm and increases the chances of fertilization of the ovum. Actisperm creates friendly sperm environment that ensures their sustainability thanks its specially selected components, while it has the same pH value and at the same osmolality as that of the sperm thus ensuring their integrity and efficiency.
The mode of action of Actisperm is natural since the composition contains no pharmaceutical substances or hormones.

Lubrication of the vagina during sexual intercourse planned in the effort to conceive and increase the likelihood of fertilization of the ovum and conception how perfectly natural.
With hydrophilic polymers and polysaccharides, without pharmaceuticals and hormones.

pH = 7.2
Osmolality = 330 mOsm/kg
Packaging: BT x 6 Tubes prefilled with the gel


Use an applicator Actisperm (or according to your needs), each time shortly before the planned sexual encounter, when trying to conceive a child (up to 15 minutes before).

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