Vitarmonyl Turmeric Piperine 30 capsules


Supplement containing Turmeric and Piperine. Antioxidant. Maintains joint flexibility. Conserves good mobility. 15 day program. No added sugar or salt.


Vitarmonyl Turmeric Piperine contains Turmeric which contributes to joint well-being. It helps maintain good mobility by acting on the flexibility of the joints and tendons. Moreover, Turmeric has  antioxidant properties. In addition, Piperine helps to increase the absorption of the active ingredients of turmeric.

2 capsules provide: 110 mg of turmeric extract including 90 mg of curcuminoids and 1.1 mg of black pepper extract including 1.04 mg of piperine.

This supplement contains no: artificial aromas, conservatives, milk derivatives, salt, added sugar, or titanium dioxide.

Take 2 capsules of Vitarmonyl Turmeric Piperine to swallow with a glass of water in the morning during breakfast.
Duration: over a period of 15 days.