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Vitabiotics Omega-H3 Health & Vitality Complex -30 tablets-


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Vitabiotics Omega-H3 provides a well balanced source of vital nutrients which can so easily be lacking in the diet of many today.
Vigorous healthy life, amidst the stresses and strains of modern living, requires plenty of sleep and fresh air, good eating habits and sufficient wholesome nourishment.
In the absence of such ideal living you may run the risk of of just not having enough of the essential elements for your complete nutrition and good health
Vitabiotics Omega-H3 is the only dietetic and health food formula of its kind and its specific composition is the result of extensive research by highly qualified bio-chemists and dieticians. Vitabiotics Omega-H3 contains biologically active, health-promoting important nutritional factors accurately balanced and homogenised to work together and be more easily absorbed by the body. Nutrients function best if they are taken in particular combination.

  • Helps prevent deficiencies of vital nutrients in the diet.
  • Only dietetic and health food formula of its kind.
  • Incorporates the complete group of 12 vitamins.
  • Contains vital minerals in carefully balanced formula.
  • Includes 33 Bio-Elements.

Directions for Use:
One Omega-H3 Capsule to be taken daily with breakfast or with 1st meal of the day. Swallow with a glass of water or a cold drink. If necessary the capsules may be taken twice a day for the first few weeks.

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