Uriage Pruriced Soothing Cream 100ml


  • Soothes the skin and minimizes feelings of discomfort.
  • Relieves irritation and itchiness.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula.
  • All skin types, including sensitive.

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Uriage Pruriced Soothing Cream soothes irritated skin, helping it regain comfort and elasticity. Relieve the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin with this product, a face and body moisturizer that creates calm.

A soothing, high-tolerance cream that leaves the skin immediately soothed while restoring all its comfort. Formulated with Calamine, which soothes irritation by creating a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin, and Uriage Thermal Water, which calms the skin and relieves sensations of discomfort, this refreshing cream ensures that the skin is suitable restructured and recovered from irritating episodes. Due to the hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula, it’s also tolerant even by sensitive skin, providing a truly soothing care.

Uriage Pruriced Soothing Cream was formulated from a fast-acting soothing active principle (Calamine) and raspberry seed oil (balanced in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids) associated with Uriage thermal water to soothe stinging sensations and also restore skin comfort.

Well tolerated, this cream is especially suitable for irritated and weakened skin. This emulsion is easy to apply without staining clothes.

Main Ingredients :

  • Calamine, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritation by creating a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin;
  • Uriage Thermal Water, which is pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, soothes the skin and also relieves sensations of discomfort.

How to use :

Gently spread in a thin layer over the affected area. Use as often as required.

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