Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste Local Skincare 15g


  • A local treatment that accelerates the spot maturation process.
  • Specially formulated for oily skin.
  • Ideal care to get rid of pimples in a single gesture.
  • Combines the action of purifying shale oil with green clay.
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Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste acts right from the first night by accelerating the spot maturation process, causing it to disappear quickly. 

Moreover, Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste is an essential treatment to target isolated spots in one go. It acts during the night and accelerates the maturation of spots to eliminate them rapidly. It is combined with purifying Shale Oil and Green Clay.


Acts on spots: With its formula that combines the action of purifying schist oil with naturally absorbent green clay and zinc.

Soothes locally: In addition to these specific active ingredients comes Uriage Thermal Water, which helps to soothe the skin locally.


Apply locally to spots in the evening. Leave on all night. Rinse the next day and observe the result. If needed, re-apply the following night.

Note that this product is hydrolipidic and will not rinse off with water. It must be wipes off with a tissue.

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