Uriage Eau Thermale H.A Booster Serum 30ml


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Uriage H.A Booster Serum enriched with 1.5% concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, this active ingredient creates a protective film on the skin’s surface. It  effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines that dehydration can cause, while leaving the skin looking radiant and supple.

The serum’s benefits are further amplified with the use of Medium/Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, which effectively hydrates the skin by limiting water loss, and plumps the skin through its unique “sponge” effect that immobilizes significant amounts of water. Additionally, the Very Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid stimulates fibroblasts that aid in natural Hyaluronic Acid production in the dermis, providing the skin with improved tone and elasticity.


Apply 2-3 drops on perfectly cleansed and dry skin, avoiding eye contact.

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