Uriage Baby 1st Peri Oral Care 30ml


  • Soothes irritations, purifies and repairs.
  • With organic Edelweiss.
  • For irritated fragile mouth contour.
  • Protects baby’s delicate skin for long time.
  • Purifies and restores skin comfort and elasticity.
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Uriage Baby Peri-Oral Care is an intensive repair care specially formulated for babies and infants which helps repair and soothe irritation of the oral contour.

Its formula, including the natural complex [Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss] combined with the patented TLR2-Regul, soothes irritations, helps to reduce redness and protects baby’s delicate skin for a long time.
Enriched with Copper and Zinc, 1st Peri-Oral care purifies, repairs and restores comfort and elasticity to baby’s skin.

In addition to Edelweiss Extract that provides antioxidant and soothing properties. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier and reduce signs of sensitivity.


-Soothes: Patented technology TLR2-Regul and Aloe Vera soothes irritations around the mouth contour area.

-Cleanses and purifies: Copper and Zinc cleanses the mouth contour area to limit bacterial flora.

-Repairs: The complex [Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss] protects and repairs the skin barrier whilst restoring comfort and elasticity and helping to reduce redness.


Apply two or three times a day to irritated areas, on perfectly cleansed and dried skin.

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