Uriage Baby 1st Change Cream 100ml


  • Nourishes and soothes the nappy area.
  • Promotes a healthier skin barrier.
  • Helps prevent and minimize both redness and irritation.
  • Creates a protective layer that shields the delicate skin of the nappy area against both dampness and external aggressors.
  • Has a formula with 96% ingredients of natural origin.
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Uriage Baby Change Cream efficiently prevents the appearance of redness and repairs the epidermis weakened daily by diapers. Its formula, including the natural complex [Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss] soothes the sensation of discomfort, helps reduce redness and reinforces the skin barrier. In addition, Uriage Baby Change Cream is enriched with zinc oxide and beeswax, it isolates the surface of the skin in a non-occlusive way and helps to repair it by leaving an invisible protective film. Thus, the skin is soothed and protected.


-Soothes and reduces diaper rash: Its formula including the complex [Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss], protects against soreness, soothes the sensation of discomfort and reinforces the skin barrier.

-Purifies, protects and repairs: The purifying properties of zinc oxide, combined with beeswax, Shea butter and vegetable oils, protect baby’s skin against irritation from urine and feces by forming a real, non-occlusive shield on the skin and help to repair it. Visible effects from the 1st application.

Ingredients and benefits:

  • Edelweiss Extract offers antioxidant and also soothing properties. It helps strengthen the skin barrier and reduce signs of sensitivity.
  • Shea Butter can not only deeply nourish the skin but also help regenerate and soothe. It leads to a healthier skin barrier and comforts the skin.
  • Uriage Thermal Water is pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements. It helps soothe the skin and relieve sensations of discomfort.
  • Zinc Oxide forms a protective barrier that shields the delicate skin of the nappy area against both dampness and external aggressors.


Use preventively or in times of need.
Apply in a thick layer to perfectly cleansed and dry skin after each change.

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