Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Oil Spray SPF15 150ml


  • Natural tan accelerating oil.
  • Sun oil providing natural tan.
  • Protects cellular DNA against UV rays.
  • Provides faster and long-lasting beautiful tanning.

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Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Oil Spray SPF15 is designed on the basis that an anti-aging moisturizing is also possible by protecting skin health while providing a beautiful radiant tan.

This special line offers a revolutionary DNA and photo-immune stem cell protection that goes beyond standard UVA and UVB filters.

It provides ultimate sun care which accelerates a natural, long lasting tan and also delivers broad-spectrum protection against the damaging effects of UVA and UV irradiation, dryness and extreme temperatures. For a beautiful, glowing and long lasting sun-kissed tan and surely perfectly hydrated and collagen boosted skin.

-Water resistant
-Dermatologically tested
-Anti-free radical

Spray and apply Swisscare SunCare Bronzing Beauty Oil Spray SPF15 liberally and evenly before sun exposure. Re-apply after swimming, perspiring and immediately after towel drying or prolonged sun exposure. For use on face, spray into hand and apply avoiding contact with eyes.
Lower amounts will reduce the level of protection significantly.

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