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Suavipiel Aloes Spa Sponge


Spa Sponge

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Aloe is a plant which has been used since time immemorial for skin care. It does not only moisturise, nourish and smoothen it, it has regenerating, healing and toning properties.
It is also an excellent cleanser and a natural antiseptic. A true gift of nature which we have included as sap extracts in each of the products of the Aloe Collection of SUAVIPIEL.
You will enjoy yourself. Your skin will enjoy itself much more.

On the one hand, you feel a smooth caress on your skin. And on the other, you benefit from the peeling properties of its undulating foam. Its medium-high peeling action removes dead cells from your skin; this, together with the effect of aloe ensures high cell regeneration. The result is a clean, smooth and relaxed skin. Indicated for mixed skins. Hypoallergenic

Apply the bath gel on the sponge and massage yourself softly with the undulated part, with circular movements to activate blood circulation, on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.
Then use the smooth surface of the sponge to relax the rest of the body.

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