Strivectin AR Advanced Retinol Concentrated Serum 30ml


NIA-114 + Retinol

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Highest and fastest acting level of retinol in the Advanced Retinol Collection. After one application of this lightweight serum, skin is brighter, smoother, more hydrated, with the appearance of pores reduced. Use with the rest of the AR Retinol Collection products for a multi-action regimen against all signs of anti-aging. Accelerate the benefits of retinol with no irritation.Proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hydrate and deeply nourishes skin
  • Improve skin firmness to restore a youthful contour
  • Even tone and leaves complexion radiant
  • Refine and smoothes skin texture
  • Decrease large pores

Paraben free, NIA-114, non-comedogenic.

Apply to clean face before moisturizer in the AM and PM. Using a circular motion, gently massage in until completely absorbed.

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