Solgar Male Multiple 60 tablets


Advanced multivitamin and mineral formula for men. With Lycopene. Suitable for vegans. Sugar free. Gluten free

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Solgar Male Multiple is one of Solgar’s premium-quality men’s health products. This advanced multinutrient complex meets the nutritional needs of men. Just three tablets a day provide an advanced multivitamin formula with 26 nutrients specifically formulated to provide nutritional support for men’s busy lifestyles.

-Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart.
-Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.
-Biotin, magnesium and vitamin B1 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
-Folate, niacin and vitamins B12, B6 and C contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
-Iodine and zinc contribute to normal cognitive function.
-Collagen with vitamin C contribute to normal collagen formation.
-Calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C and zinc are needed for the maintenance of normal bones.
-Copper, folic acid, selenium, vitamin B12, B6, C, D and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
-Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
-Biotin, folic acid, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C contribute to normal psychological function.
-Copper, manganese, selenium and vitamin C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Free Of: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Yeast, Sugar, Artificial Flavor and Preservatives.

As a food supplement for adults, take three tablets of Solgar Male Multiple daily, at mealtime.

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