Soleil Des Îles Graisse À Traire Bronzage Intense Islands 150ml


  • Intense tanning milk
  • Milking fat enriched with Tahiti monoi, Réa (= Oceanic saffron)
  • Supplies tanning accelerator
  • Dedicated to sun lovers
  • With scent of the islands

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Graisse À Traire Oil is rich in true monoï de Tahiti and a natural tanning accelerator, this milking grease is for sun lovers. It moisturizes the skin and intensifies the tan for a radiant and satin effect. In addition, the addition of a Tahitian ingredient, the Rea, prevents the skin from aging by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties . Soleil Des Îles Intense Islands wraps the body in a delicate scent of distant islands.

Apply to the body before sun exposure to tan and after exposure to prevent skin dryness.

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