Solaray Probiotic Women’s Formula 30 Enteric VegCaps


  • Vegan dietary supplement
  • Gluten and soy free
  • Formulated for women’s health
  • Maintains vaginal health and balances hormones
  • Supports urinary tract, digestive function and immune system
  • Capsules remain intact for more than 1 hour due to enteric shield


Solaray Probiotic Women’s Formula is a mycrobiome dietary supplement infused with 50 billion living cultures in the form of capsules with enteric shield to remain intact in stomach acid then disintegrate in the small intestine where you need them. Solaray Probiotic Women’s Formula is designed to keep vaginal health intact with hormonal balance. In addition, it supports urinary tract and helps keeping your immune system healthy. It also has digestive function.


-With 24 strains and probiotic inulin
-VegCaps with enteric shield
-Daily dietary supplement


-Women’s support blend supplying 39 billion CFU living organisms (L. plantarum, L. fermentum, B. infantis)
-Probiotic support blend supplying 10 billion CFU living organisms (L. bulgaricus, L. salivarius, L. helvecticus)
-Inulin, cellulose, rice ban extract and silica


-Take 1 enteric vegcap daily with a glass of water
-Do not take within two hours of taking antibiotics
-Keep refrigerated

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