Solaray Iron Asporotate 18 mg 100 Capsules


  • Advanced chelate complex
  • Helps support healthy circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Supports menstrual health in women
  • Keeps blood vessels healthy and intact
  • Encourages red blood cell production


Solaray Iron Asporotate is in fact, a special iron formulation that protects the health of the blood vessels and encourages red blood cell production. It consists of iron combined with aspartic acid, citric and orotic acid to create natural chelation. In addition, it helps treating different types of anemia caused by low iron levels. Solaray Iron Asporotate is also used for heart failure, memory and thinking skills, child development, fatigue, ADHD and many other conditions.


-Iron as Iron asporotate, iron citrate and iron orotate
-Yellowdock root, Parsley herb, gelatin capsule and whole rice concentrate
-Magnesium oxide and magnesium stearate


Take 1 capsule daily with a meal or glass of water. Store in a dry, cool place.

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