Solaray GutShield Powder 150 G


  • Dietary supplement in unflavored powder form
  • For healthy and properly functioning gut
  • Helps support the intestinal tract with nutrients
  • Supports and fortify the intestinal lining
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Solaray GutShield is a pure powder that supports a healthy and properly functioning gut which is the first line of defense for our immune system. Some practitioners have even referred to the gut as our second brain because of its ability to think on its own, processing the nutrients we need while keeping toxins and waste out. Solaray GutShield is a unique formula designed to support the intestinal tract with specific nutrients to fortify the intestinal lining.


Vitamin C, L-Glutamine and zinc carnosine


Mix 1 teaspoon of powder into in a cup of water or juice. For better result, take 2 time daily, half hour before breakfast and half hour before lunch. Store in a cool, dry place.

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