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Slim Smart Diet Soup Ultra Vegetable -250g-

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Slim Smart diet soup ultra is a creamy and tasty vegetable soup on the basis of a high-quality recipe with a lot of natural ingredients.
It contains a lot of high grade natural protein, precious vitamins and minerals.
Slim Smart diet soup is a nutritious and full meal!
The high protein content guarantees a pleasant feeling of satiety and weight loss at the right places – at the fatty deposits, not the musculature.
Further, a high protein nutrition leads to a lowered insulin circulation in the blood. The lower the insulin level, the more efficient the fat burning.
This way, your body can resort to stored fat reserves to gain energy and reduce fat step by step.

Result: you lose superfluous pounds fast, stay in top form and don’t have hunger attacks.

Intake recommendation: Stir 3 slightly heaped dosing spoons of powder into 200 ml hot, low-fat milk (1.5% fat).

Important note: this product fulfils its purpose only in combination with a low-calorie nutrition.
Other food must be part of this nutrition. The preparation indication has to be observed. 2-3 litres of liquid should be absorbed additionally.

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