Roge Cavailles Soothing Foam Solid Facial Cleanser 70g


  • Removes impurities and makeup and restores your skin’s natural freshness.
  • Without soap, it respects its physiological pH.
  • Transforms into a creamy mousse with sweet Mediterranean notes.
  • Enriched with organic olive oil.
  • The skin is cleansed, soft and soothed
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Roge Cavailles Soothing Foam Solid Facial Cleanser is a cleansing treatment specially formulated to clean and care for your face. Indeed, constantly exposing facial skin to external aggressions (heat, sun, cold, wind, pollution, etc.), will then damage the natural barrier and allow moisture to escape from your skin, leaving skin dry, dull and lacking in vitality.

In addition, dry skin and oxidative stress can also promote the appearance of imperfections such as redness or spots. It is therefore essential to clean your face while taking great care of it. Although soap-free, the Roge Cavailles Soothing Foam Solid Facial Cleanser delivers a creamy foam that will gently cleanse the skin and rid it of impurities and all traces of light makeup.


Wet the solid cleanser and rub it in the palm of your hand until you obtain a nice foam. Gently massage your face then rinse. Use morning and/or evening.

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