RapidFor Anti-HIV Rapid Test Kit


  • Simple and safe testing procedure
  • Visual and qualitative test
  • Detects the antibodies to all isotypes specific to HIV-1
  • Samples can be from human serum, plasma or whole blood
  • Highly sensitive and specific for all HIV types
  • Detects HIV even in the early stages of infection
  • Results obtained between 15-20 minutes


RapidFor Anti-HIV Rapid Test is a  2 in 1 test for effective screening for HIV type 1 and type 2 specific antibodies. RapidFor Anti-HIV Rapid Test is easily and safely done by oneself at home. The general method of detecting infection with HIV is to observe the presence of antibodies to the virus.

-Fingerstick whole blood
-Venipuncture whole blood

NB: If venipuncture whole blood, serum or plasma samples are not tested immediately, they should be refrigerated (2°C – 8°C) for 3 to 7 days. The samples should be brought to room temperature before testing.

Do not open the pouch until you are ready to perform a test. Use the single-use test under low-environment humidity within 1 hour.

  1.  Allow the kit components and specimens to reach room temperature between 10°C and 30°C prior to testing
  2. Remove the test card from the foil pouch and place on a clean dry surface.
  3.  Dispense 1 drop of the specimen into the sample well on the card using the dropper
  4. Then dispense 1 drop of sample diluent
  5.  Interpret test results with 15-20


        ◘ Fingerstick whole blood sample:
Clean the tested finger with antiseptic alcohol swab and allow it to dry. Puncture the skin just off the center of the finger pad using a sterile lancet, and hold the finger downward. Apply gentle pressure beside the point of puncture and avoid squeezing the finger to make it bleed. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a sterile gauze pad and allow a new drop of blood to form. Collect the drop of blood with an unused dropper.

       ◘ Venipuncture whole blood sample:
Collect a whole blood sample by an unused dropper from anticoagulant tubes, gently mixed by inversion after venous phlebotomy procedure.

       ◘ Serum sample:
Collect whole blood sample by a tube with no anticoagulants. Leave to settle for 30 minutes for blood coagulation and then centrifuge blood to get serum specimen of supernatant.

       ◘ Plasma sample:
Collect whole blood sample by a tube with with anticoagulants then centrifuge blood to get plasma specimen.

Interpretation of results:

  • Positive: Both purplish test band and purplish control appear on the membrane.
  • Negative: Only the purplish control band appears on the membrane. The absence of test band indicates a negative result.
  • Invalid: There should always be a purplish control band in the control region regardless of test result. If control band is not seen, the test is considered invalid. Repeat the test using a new test card.

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