Quantum Male Fast Acting 60 tablets


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Quantum Male’s full-spectrum breakthrough formula is distinguished for nourishing and toning the male reproductive organs, and building underlying vitality for optimum Prostate health and virility.


  • Fight Off Fatigue & Lazybones
  • Boost Your Energy Level
  • Improve Erectile Dysfunction
  • Maximize Your Performance
  • Relieve Anxiety & Depression
  • Improve Memory
  • Recuperate the Immune System
  • Enhance Sexual Desire
  • Relieve Premature Ejaculation
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Relieve Arthritis Pain & Rheumatism
  • Rejuvenate your Skin

Adults should take one tablet with water two times daily at mealtimes for the first 10 days. After this period, 1 tablet daily

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