Puressentiel Resp Ok Sinus Express Roller 5ml


  • Relieves the feeling of clogged sinuses.
  • Contains 99.7% of natural organic origin it has a high skin tolerance.
  • Formulated non-comedogenic, non-greasy and without mineral oils.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and make-up skin.
  • Practical to use on the go.
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Puressentiel Resp Ok Sinus Express Roller helps you soothe your congested sinuses in one easy step and free your breathing, thanks to the fresh effect and the targeted massage of the roller ball.

In addition, thanks to its milky formula, this roller is suitable for sensitive, make-up skin and allows application to the face without a greasy or sticky effect. Its cold effect immediately soothes you and removes the feeling of congested sinuses to free your breathing. Moreover, Puressentiel Sinus Express Roller contains organic aloe vera with moisturizing, regenerating and softening properties.


  • 99.7% natural formula: with a blend of 6 organic essential oils (Eucalyptus globulus, Peppermint, Spike Lavender, Picea Mariana leaf oil, Niaouli, Marjoram)
  • Targeted massage: by pressure on the acupuncture points in order to relieve the sensitive areas of the sinuses, thanks to the action of its roller ball.
  • Immediate & cold effect: clears the sensation of congested sinuses & helps to breathe freely.
  • Moisturizing & regenerating properties, thanks to the organic aloe vera.


Shake well before each use. Whenever needed, massage sensitive areas with the ball: over the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, and along the sides of the nose by making concentric circles.

-Children >10 years old: 4 times a day maximum
-Adult >15 years old:8 times a day maximum

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