Puressentiel Purifying Antibacterial Gel 80ml


-Purifying hand gel
-Hydrating effect
-With essential oils
-Eliminates more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

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Puressentiel Antibacterial Gel with 3 essential oils is ideal to cleanse hands without the need for water, soap or rinsing at any time of the day. Moreover, This antibacterial gel is formulated with aloe vera, and it is non-drying.

99.9% of viruses and bacteria destroyed within the first minutes

-Formulated with 71.9% bioalcohol, 3 essential oils: Lemon, Lavandin and Tea Tree and anti-drying Aloe vera

Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and softening actions

Softening action thanks to aloe vera

Rub a thumbnail size amount of Puressentiel Antibacterial Gel between your hands (3ml) for 60 seconds. Works immediately.

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