Puressentiel Headache Roll On 5ml


  • Relief from pain caused by headaches
  • 99.7% natural origin formula
  • Optimal skin tolerance
  • Practical to use on the go
  • Combination of massage with the refreshing effect of the rollerball and 9 pure & Natural essential oils.
  • With relaxing and calming fragrances offers an effective solution for headache. relief
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Puressentiel Headache Roll-On offers an effective solution for headache relief by combining the refreshing effect of the rollerball and 9 pure essential oils with relaxing and calming properties. Practical to use on the go, and it provides an instant refreshing effect without having an oily texture.

Puressentiel Headache Roll-On is an Aromatherapy based product with de-stressing, soothing, calming and relaxing properties. It brings balance and harmony of the nervous system while providing a tonifying and stimulating effect.


  • Puressentiel Essential Oil Roll On: Contains 5 mL of essential oils for headache relief
  • All Natural Ingredients: Made with pure essential oils that are safe and effective
  • Easy Application: Simply roll onto temples and forehead for instant headache relief
  • Fast Acting: Provides quick relief from headaches and migraines


Shake well before use. As soon as the sensation of pain is felt, massage each trigger point (temples, eyebrows, neck and trapezius muscles) with the massage ball for about 5 seconds, making concentric circles. Repeat as necessary.

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