Otostick Baby Cosmetics Ear Correctors 8 correctors


  • Aesthetic correctors for protruding ears.
  • Each container contains 8 concealers and a cap
  • Transparent, hypoallergenic silicone
  • Recommended from 3 months
  • A product with Class I Health Registration


Otostick Baby  is a corrector for protruding ears made from silicon and medical adhesives. It adheres to the ear and the contiguous part of the head, providing optimum positioning of the ear and, specifically, the cartilage so both develop properly.
From corrector size to its hardness, the features of Otostick Baby adapt perfectly to the baby’s ear (starting from 3 months).
Otostick Baby is an easy-to-use, discrete and odourless product. It is suitable for  age of three months.
The pack comes with 8 correctors and a reusable elasticated cap.

Otostick Cap comes as a complement with Otostick Baby. Made from an elasticated fabric that adapts to the baby’s head, it works as a preventative measure. It prevents the baby touching the corrector.
The material of the cap is compatible with delicate skin like that of a baby.
Otostick Cap is made from sanitary elastic mesh (50% cotton, 45% Latex, 5 % polyamide). It is reusable and washable.

Instructions for use:

1.Clean the area carefully with an astringent (100% oil free), eliminating any dirt or moisture.
2.Determine the exact point before removing the protective paper, taking into account the shape and folds of the ear. Depending on the shape of each ear, position the corrective device at the proper level in order to boost the permanent corrective effect by correctively positioning the cartilage.
3.Remove the protective paper from the adhesive on the part stuck to the ear. Be careful not to touch the adhesive with your fingers.
4.Once stuck to the ear, remove the protective paper from the head portion and attach the corrective device to it, making sure that there is no hair underneath it.
Finally, gently apply pressure to the corrective device, folding the cartilage as necessary and making sure that all the edges are correctly attached.

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