OPPO Elastic Open Knee Brace 2029


Knee support

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The Open Knee Brace 2029 is a clever design that allows for easy application of this knee support. Simply open the velcro fasteners and slide the open knee brace under your knee. Then, simply wrap the above and below knee sections to fasten the velcro while leaving your kneecap open to avoid compression. The front opening design offers better fit an easier application and removal, which is a perfect for those knee braces or supports that need to be slide over your foot and calf and up to your knee. Once applied, the Open Knee Brace 2029 provides firm knee support for the maintenance and control of your knee joint structures with gentle compression around the kneecap. This knee brace is ideal for most knee pain sufferers, post-knee replacement support or confidence, post knee-surgery support and mild to moderate knee injury or instability.

  • Front open design offers better fit.
  • For arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains and strains.
  • Open patella relieves pressure.
  • Improves healing and keeps joints and muscles flexible.
  • Application: mild strain/sprain, weak knee, anterior knee edema.
  • Fiber contents: 50% Rubber, 25% Polyester, 25% Nylon

How To Wear:

  • While standing, position center of knee brace behind knee.
  • Wrap support around knee and attach hook and loop closure snugly.
  • Opening should be positioned over knee cap.

Barcodes / Sizing: Measure around the mid-section of the knee, while in a standing position.

  • S: 4719863693712 – (30.5-34.3cm / 12-13 1/2 in)
  • M: 12345678141 – (34.3-38.1cm / 13 1/2-15 in)
  • L: 123456879 – (38.1-41.9cm / 15-16 1/2 in)
  • XL: 125485556 – (41.9-45.7cm / 16 1/2-18 in)

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