OPPO Air/Lite Ankle Brace 4009


Ankle support

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Two rigid plastic shells have dual air layers over cushioning foam.
Air is allowed to flow within the air bladder to help reduce swelling.
Heel strap is adjustable to fit a range of sizes, and two adjustable swivel straps ensure proper placement each time.
Limits inversion/eversion while permitting near-normal flexion.
The brace designed for active people resuming activity from an acute ankle sprain.

How To Wear:
Loosen the hook and loop straps from the ankle brace.
Position the medial and lateral malleolus of the ankle joint in the malleolus area of the support.
Wrap and secure the hook and loop straps around the ankle brace to desired compression.
To ensure optimum performance and support, tighten the sole-strap of the ankle brace while seated with the foot flat on the floor. Pull both straps up firmly, then press strap fasteners against the hard-shells to secure.


  • Ankle swelling/ pain
  • Acute ankle sprain


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