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Nutrisante Force G Original 30capsules


Energizing And Fortifying Complex

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This stimulant combines a group of active ingredients which provide the body with the necessary energy to ensure good physical and intellectual performances.
1.GINSENG: Known to have exceptional revitalising properties, it helps:
• Improve physical and mental performance
• Prepare your body for the changing seasons.

2. GINGER: Claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities, but primarily an excellent tonic for fortification and an energy boost.
It also helps strengthen the body’s natural defences and combat tiredness.

3. GUARANA: Has stimulant and toning properties, which help combat mental fatigue, re-energise the body and improve overall resilience.

4. SELENIUM AND ZINC: these antioxidant active ingredients complete the Force GOriginal formula and help fight against free radicals thus strengthening cell vitality. Selenum and zinc also play a part in the natural defense mechanism.

2 hard capsules a day with a glass of water at meal time.
We advise a 15 day treatment to help you rediscover health and energy.

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