Nutreov Universal Flash Detox Global Detoxifier 10 Tablets


  • Food supplements with triple action
  • Contains active ingredients of plant origin
  • Supports our body in eliminating accumulated toxins
  • Facilitates renal, urinary or hepatic elimination
  • Promotes drainage thanks to chicory
  • Promotes digestion with dry extracts of turmeric and essential oil of marjoram
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Nutreov Global Detoxifier food supplement that stimulates the functions of liver, intestine and kidneys. It combines concentrated extracts of plants, spices, essential oils and probiotics to promote drainage, elimination and contribute to digestive comfort. In addition, this supplement is ideal to use following “rich” or “watered” meals, or when our body faces different factors such as pollution, stress, physical inactivity or irregular physical activity. Moreover, The formula of Nutreov Global Detoxifier is completed by the presence of artichoke and sporulated Bacillus coagulans yeast for rapid action.

Ingredients and benefits:

Milk thistle extract helps promote liver function while flushing toxic substances out of the body.
Turmeric extract contributes to the normal functioning of the intestinal system and also helps support digestion.
Chicory extract not only facilitates renal and urinary elimination functions but also promotes tissue drainage.
Marjoram essential oil helps maintain normal liver function, aiding digestion and purifying the body.


Take 1 tablet per day during the main meal with a large glass of water, for 5 days. This box contains two cures of 5 days.

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