Novadiet Diretik 18 sticks


Dietary supplement with vegetable extracts that help in fluid retention

With nettle, artichoke and bitter orange peel

Suitable for people with thyroid problems


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Novadiet Diretik for Water Retention is indicated for adjunct treatment of excess weight-detox and drainage.

It promotes fluid retention without altering electrolytes balance due its demineralizing effect (nettle and artichoke). Moreover, it decreases appetite as well as body fats due to bitter orange.

In addition, Novadiet Diretik for Water Retention is suitable for people with thyroid problems (no seaweed).

Ingredients and their benefits:

-Horsetails, Asparagus, Orthosiphon, Green nettle and Artichoke promotes elimination of water, toxins and nitrogenous waste through the kidneys

-Bitter Orange Peel help to reduce accumulated fat  by promoting the transformation of fat and energy. It also has thermogenic and lipolytic effect.


Dissolve a stick pack in glass of water (200ml) or in a bottle of water (0.5 L). The first week, take 2 sticks, one in the morning and another at midday, Afterwards, take only 1 stick pack in the morning.

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