Noreva Trio D Hydroquinone Depigmenting Emulsion 30ml


  • A depigmenting care product that benefits from the complementary action of its ingredient.
  • Helps the disappearance of the brown marks.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Contains hydroquinone.
  • Do not use in case of irritation.
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Noreva Trio D Hydroquinone Depigmenting Emulsion is a daily care specifically to minimize the appearance of dark spots on the skin while preventing the emergence of new spots, leaving the complexion unified and brightened.

Trio D is a depigmenting emulsion that promotes the elimination of brown spots related to pigmentation disorders and also prevents their appearance as well.
This formula has an exclusive combination of depigmenting active ingredients:

  • Licorice concentrated to 40% glabridin, it blocks the synthesis of melanin, responsible for hyperpigmentation.
  • AHAs promote the penetration of licorice and the exfoliation of cells loaded with melanin pigments.
  • Vitamin C anti-radical enhances the depigmenting action.

How to use :

Apply  Noreva Trio D Hydroquinone Depigmenting Emulsion morning and also evening on the affected areas.

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