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NHCO Symetix Overweight, In addition to dietary measures, it promotes thinning down and helps you return to an ideal body weight; Stimulates thermogenesis; and participates in metabolism regulation of carbohydrates and lipids.
Overweight phenomenon is usually due to a sedentary lifestyle and a dietary habit imbalance favoring excessive caloric intake from fat and carbohydrates.
Being overweight can lead to an imbalance in the functioning of the metabolism of body, the heart of the energy expenditure, and can make weight loss more difficult. It is then necessary to find beneficial reflexes such as physical activity and a balanced and varied diet, including the use of targeted nutritional supplementation on the metabolism of the body
In this context, the Laboratories NHCO Nutrition ® developed SYMETIX ™ to help you reach your goal weight regain your shape.

SYMETIX ™ Morning brings together three specific complexes: Complex Thermolip is a combination of amino acids and plant extracts including guarana and green tea that stimulate thermogenesis, thereby promoting slimming complement dietary measures. The concentrate exclusive Glucolipotropique Complex is comprised of a cinnamon extract, choline and Chrome participant physiological metabolism macronutrients, in particular carbohydrates and lipids. Finally, the vitamins B1, B3, B6 and C contribute to a normal energy metabolism. SYMETIX ™ night consists of CLA in 1000 , one of the more concentrated forms of intake of this acid very specific fats: conjugated linoleic acid.

In the morning: take with meals two white capsules. In the evening: take during the meal 2 capsules CLA .
Program duration: 1 month, repeat if necessary.

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