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Abdominal belt. Drying and toning

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NHCO Myactide RX Slimming & Toning -2×56 Capsules, is a complete formula for a continuous action bringing L-Carnitine, fibers, and L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid. It is the product for those who wish to reshape and tone their figure.
The fat stored mainly in the hips and abdominals, is favored by a sedentary lifestyle. To redraw the body and tone the muscles, it is necessary to find beneficial reflexes such as physical activity and dietary measures. To help you, MYACTIDE-RX ™ is a nutritional supplement containing specific assets that facilitate weight loss and, together, stimulate the body tone.

To formulate MYACTIDE-RX ™, Laboratoires NHCO Nutrition ® have relied on the role of NO (nitric oxide) on the activity of mitochondria, energy plants of the organism. The MAP-Prono • ™ complex (Mitochondrial Activiting Process- Prono) is a complex with L-Arginine, amino acid precursor of NO, combined with Vitamin B6 and Zinc, which contributes to normal protein synthesis, including muscle proteins that confer body tone.

To promote the clearance of fatty areas, the complex Thermo-D ™ to MYACTIDE-RX ™ contains a concentrated extract of guarana which helps to increase the energy expenditure of the body and also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger. The Thermo-D complex also consists ™ a green tea extract that promotes fat burning and dandelion which is involved in elimination and detoxification functions of the body. These combined properties contribute to weight loss. The CFM-SP 480 Complex contains Chromium and three essential amino acids, L-tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin. The comprehensive formula MYACTIDE-RX ™ Morning and Evening, for continuous action also brings the L-carnitine and choline.

Take 2 white capsules in the morning at sunrise and 2 brown capsules at bedtime.

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