Nasocleanse Saline Refill Sachets Fast & Natural Sinus Relief -50 Sachets-


Nasal irrigation therapy

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The NasoCleanse System offers an effective, all-natural way to cleanse the nose and help control sinus and nasal symptoms over time. It promotes and maintains sinonasal health by treating the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

  • Contains 100% all-natural, preservative-free ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical grade, ultra-fine saline grains dissolve instantly in lukewarm water for ease, convenience and comfort when nasal washing
  • The NasoCleanse Saline Sachets are safe and effective, even for people taking multiple medications or pregnant women
  • With absolutely no drug interactions, the NasoCleanse sachets make nasal washing stress-free and easy
  • For use with all Nasocleanse systems.

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