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Magistrali Antiox Liquid 150ml


Antioxidant cleansing mousse

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Magistrali Antiox Liquid is a gentle cleansing mousse which carry out gentle cleansing, removing smog and pollution, in addition to preparing skin for antioxidant protection.
Magistrali Antiox Liquid is based on the phyto enzymes derived from the pomegranate and proanthocyanidins from the malt extract.  It gently removes impurities and helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture levels. Thus, skin appears healthy and bright.
Furthermore, Antiox liquid is indicated for dull, lifeless skin suffering from daily free-radical aggression.
This cleansing mousse is ideal for daily cleaning in the morning. It brings freshness and luminosity to any type of skin.

Moisten the skin of the face, neck as well as décolleté. Apply a small amount of the product massaging gently with the fingertips with a circular movement up and out. Rinse with warm water.

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