ISIS Pharma Uveblock Spray Kids SPF50+150ml


Very high protection for kids. Designed for children’s sensitive skin. Fluid texture. eaves the skin hydrated.

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ISIS Pharma Uveblock Spray Kids specially designed for children’s sensitive skin. This high tolerance formula offers optimal SPF 50+ protection against UVB/UVA and leaves the skin hydrated.

Carefully selected, the different active ingredients in ISIS Pharma Uveblock Spray Kids guarantee your children will be protected from all the sun’s harmful effects.
Fluid texture absorbs quickly.
Invisible after application.

How to use:

Spray Uveblock SPF50+ Spray Kids on your child’s body a few minutes before they are exposed to the sun. Do not apply directly to their face. Spray the product in your hand and apply to their skin.
Reapply sun protection to your children frequently or after they have been swimming, sweating or using a towel.

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