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Holland & Barrett Super Lactase Enzyme 60 capsules


Milk & Dairy Digestant

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Triggered by milk and dairy products, lactose intolerance can cause poor digestion. Holland & Barrett Super Lactase Enzyme Capsules contain lactase, a digestive enzyme that helps breakdown lactose. This allows the consumption of milk-based products.

Helps to digest milk & dairy products
Contributes to breaking down lactose
Rapid release softgel capsules
Free of: Artificial Colours, Flavours or Sweeteners. Preservatives. Salt. Starch, Corn, Milk, Lactose, Yeast, Fish, Porcine.

For people with lactose intolerance, whether eating at home or eating out. Take one softgel capsule just before eating a meal, food or drink that contains lactose. Also take one softgel capsule with medication or vitamins that contain lactose. Super Lactase should be taken internally and not be added directly to milk or other dairy products.

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