Hartmann Thermoval Duo Scan


Thermometer for individual temperature measurement in the ear or on the forehead. Suitable for all family members.

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Thermoval Duo Scan is the perfect choice for your child. Its modern technology makes taking temperature more easy, uncomplicated and comfortable than ever before. As the name suggests, Thermoval Duo scan provides two ways of scanning fever temperature – measurement either on the forehead and temple or in the auditory channel of the ear. Take your baby’s temperature without disturbing its sleep, simply by gently moving Thermoval® duo scan along its temple. Take away the scare of reading your children’s temperature by performing an ear measurement in seconds.The scope of Thermoval® duo scan, however, is not limited to children only. Thermoval® duo scan is also suitable for grown-ups who find the conventional method of measuring temperature (oral, rectal and axillary) uncomfortable.

-Two measuring methods: Ear and forehead measurement
-Robust and reliable use.
-Highly accurate measurements, ensured by the latest measuring sensor technology.
-Quick infrared measurement.
-Stores the last measured value.
-Easy to use.
-Ergonomic design with large, illuminated display.
-With practical storage box and alcohol cleaning swabs.

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