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Go Travel Luggage Tag & Lock Set -Blue-


Tag & Lock set

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A separate luggage tag and lock pack which gives you the chance to add your own unique style to your luggage.
The tough polypropylene tag has an easy-operating snap-shut mechanism and the rigid three-dial combination lock is tough, yet simple to use.

  • Tag – easy snap shut mechanism
  • Tough polypropylene construction
  • Lock – 3 dial combination
  • Personal number setting

Lock Instructions:

  • Spin the shank around 180 degrees from the opening position and depress.
  • Keep the shank depressed in this position and move the dials to your desired personal combination code.
  • Then lift the shank and turn it back 180 degrees to the original position and depress.
  • To lock the padlock move the dials on to any different numbers, the shank should then be secured in place.
  • To open the padlock simply move the dials back to your chosen personal combination code and the shank will be released.

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