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Fresh’n Soft Sweat Absorbent Pads 14 Pcs

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Underarm Sweat Pads

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Fresh’n Soft Sweat Absorbent Pads is produced as a solution for the wetness and smell in armpit. It is used by sticking it to the inside of clothes touching the armpit.
A product with thin texture which forms a soft and comfortable barrier between clothes and armpits and keeps the  armpit sweat away. Its soft texture prevents irritation of skin, it  traps the sweat and the offensive odor formed to ensure a clean day. Through its thin and anatomic texture, it gives freedom of movement and it is invisible from outside. Designed to be used by men and women.


  • Turn your clothing inside out.
  • Remove adhesive peel-off strips carefully.
  • Place the underarm pad over the underarm seam, press gently but firmly.
  • Put on your clothing and continue with your daily routine.
  • After each use, remove the pad carefully from your clothing.
  • Dispose of properly.

It is advised to renew pads every 5-6 hours for maximum comfort.

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