Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes & Brows Booster Serum + Volumizing Care 2×6.5ml


  • For fuller looking brows and lashes
  • Coats and shapes the lashes and brows
  • With nutrition matrix that diffuses proteins into the core of the fibers
  • Not only nourishes lashes and brows but it thickens them as well
  • Facilitates makeup application and also improves its hold

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Filorga Lashes & Brows Serum is an eyelash and eyebrow booster that helps to improve their strength and resilience. It helps to improve development of your brows and lashes, boosts their volume and reduces their fall. Filorga Lashes & Brows Serum is with a double action formula to enhance and restructure lashes and brows.


-Filler and longer lashes
-Reshaped brow line
-Good makeup base


-KERA-EXTEND CX® complex combined with high-dose NCTF® works at the root to lengthen them for fuller looking brows and lashes
-KERA-MAINTAIN CX® complex helps to keep your brows and lashes firmly rooted, stop them from breaking, and delaying their fall out


Step 1: Booster serum
Apply the serum to the roots of cleansed lashes and brows in the morning and evening. The applicator brush delivers the product optimally and precisely.

Step 2: Volumizing care
Apply the product to the brows and lashes from root to tip in the morning and evening. The brush coats each lash and brow with powerful active ingredients to nourish.

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