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Fillerina Plus Day Cream Grade 4 50ml

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Hyaluronic acid cream

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Fillerina Plus Day Cream Grade 4 is a daily treatment with a filler effect all over the face. Moisturizing and protective, to be used alone or in combination with other Fillerina Plus preparations.

Available as grade 4 or 5 depending on skin type.

This Daily Maintenance plumping cream contains the six Hyaluronic Acid molecules to prolong the results of the replenishing treatment. Incredibly gentle to the skin yet powerfully effective, this revolutionary anti-aging cream provides magnificent day-long hydration and moisture while simultaneously reducing the appearance of severe facial creases and sagging.

Formulated with moisture-rich ingredients such as Vitamin E and exfoliating components like Salicylic Acid, Day Cream Grade 3 helps to correct severe wrinkles while caring for the rest of the complexion.

Use: Apply in the morning on a cleansed face. Avoid contact with eyes.

Tip: For optimal results, use in conjunction with the Fillerina Plus Night Cream Grade 4 at night and the Day Cream in the morning. The skin will continue to build the hyaluronic acid molecules and improve over time.

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